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PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:19 pm
by justin65
Hello fellow Lucid dreamers,
I often get get lucid dreams but ounce i discover them i say drat and then wake up.
On the occasion i can keep them going i see a beautiful girl and what do i do, well i go up to her and kiss her full on. It feels exactly real, i feel my tongue working in her mouth. Now what i would like to know is did i really get my tongue out in bed sucking my pillow. It happens quite a bit so i am thinking that from now on i will set a camera up in bed so if it does happen in the night i will have evidence if my tongue does come out of my mouth and touch my pillow. I have even had sex with a girl in a lucid dream and i can tell you its hundred times better than real life. I find i have soiled pants the next day. Sadly that is an extremly rare event but one i hope for every time i go to bed. All i can do to hope for this to happen again is Dream on. :D