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some lucid dreams I can remember

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

some lucid dreams I can remember

Postby rad11511 » Sat Oct 03, 2015 11:15 am

I was laying by a fence next to a horse ranch and all of these horses were running by. I went into this house across the field and this lady was waiting for me. I knew I was dreaming because I recognized her somehow. Her ranch hands kept coming in and giving me disapproving looks. I asked if I could stay and learn her secrets. She said only if I give her my shoes. I started to get sucked out of the dream but I kept trying to concentrate so hard so stay there.

It was thanksgiving and I knew I was dreaming and I kept running around outside doing ridiculous things because I knew I wouldn't get caught like running around with my shirt off. I went into a church and drank all the communion grape juice. Morgans parents came to visit our apartment but we were living in an attic. I was helping my mom make thanksgiving dinner. Someone came up to me and said this is how your going to use this opportunity? I felt kind of guilty and was walking around looking at every detail of everything. The texture of the buildings kept changing the closer I would look. I looked at some words on the refrigerator to see if I could actually read in dreams and I could but the words kept changing. This dream lasted for a day and a half and I don't remember now everything that happened but that was the longest lucid dream I've ever had. (I was only asleep for about 45 minutes)

I was in the desert somewhere and I came across this group of gypsies that I knew very well somehow. I knew I was dreaming and they were trying to teach me things about dream stars. They felt like family and I didn't want to leave. We were all staying in this cabin. I was studying some scrolls with pictures of the sky with someone.

I walked into a room full of people chanting. I felt very in control and I could see what everyone was thinking. I knew I was in a dream but I recognized everyone in the room. I knew that they were all demons praying for the leader to show up and give them guidance. I remembered that I was the leader.

(I always end up in a lot of different big houses. Every time I realize I'm dreaming I know that I need to go to the basement and in a closet there will be a secret passage that leads to another room or another dimension. This has happened about 20-30 times. Every time I go into the secret passage there is a different scenario that plays out.)

I was at a party in a house and I knew I was dreaming. I kept trying to go outside but I was feeling so dizzy. I was trying to find Morgan to tell her we are dreaming but I kept falling over and couldn't make it outside. I noticed in the corner someone who did not belong there. He was wearing a lab coat and was looking at me and I looked at my arm and there was a hole in it where someone gave me a shot. I looked at him and he had a syringe in his hand.

(The next day I told Morgan about that dream and she said she had the same dream about the same party we even described the house in detail. She also knew she was dreaming and was in another room. She said something about a guy that didn't belong there either.

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