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Navigating my "dream world"

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

Navigating my "dream world"

Postby small dreamer » Mon Sep 21, 2015 6:17 pm

Alright, this may sound weird, but there are certain places in my "dream world" that I have been getting more familiar as I get older and get to know them better. For example, I know there is a specific forest dedicated to almost all of my chase dreams, a grocery store with a roller coaster in it, a basement that is kind of like my secret hide out for holding video game parties, and another place that I can't really explain but I know part of it symbolizes my experience in military tech school. I have no control over when I get to visit these places and I am hoping someone can help me with that. I always wake up when ever I recognize the place I'm at, and I want to be able to explore these places in detail and learn how to travel from one place to the other (with out teleporting)
small dreamer
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