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One hell of a Lucid dream

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

One hell of a Lucid dream

Postby ryanbaker » Wed Jul 29, 2015 10:55 am

If you can't interpret dreams, to say the least. Your going to be reading a hell of a dream.

I started the dream in a truck that I guess was mine? A red Toyota that had the same engine problems as my car in real life. My father and I were driving it through a parking lot at extreme speed, drifting around fences and I looked at the gauge which was extremely hot. So we drifted around a barbed wire fence at a taco bell parking lot connected to some kind of prison facility. I parked and my dad went to go open up the hood and pour new fluid into the radiator, but he was far too drunk and he ripped out the water stem to the water tank, instead of the radiator cap.....Why there was a separate water tank I have no clue, but in my dream there was.....So I changed the fluid, and afterwards I went to the back of my red truck and felt like it was extremely dirty. I looked into the tail gate and everything was caked full of dry mud. So I began to start chipping off mud from everywhere in desperation to clean my vehicle. (there was a chunk of the dream about me jumping into a building and finding a bunch of small portable tv's with clip ons that could bluetooth around the house but I don't remember it too well so I am going to skip it) After I cleaned my vehicle I noticed that the prison was looking kind of vacant from the outside. It had a New York style bank entrance to it which gave off a sort of eerie vibe, and the air was now a dark black haze. There was really nothing else but this building now suggesting that I went inside.

I walked into it and my dream turned into some kind of arena style video game. I walked through a down trodden entrance, where there was hundreds of angry prisoners walking around like crazed zombies in a scene that looked like Mortal Combat. The walls were destroyed and engulfed in flame The the prisoners instanly started rampaging me, but I had incredible fighting skills. Punching and kicking with extreme speed and precision, hordes of flesh crazed zombie prisoners were falling to my kicks and punches. I started to sweep around the building, and I noticed a kind of radioactive green smoke in the area. So naturally I went towards it in looking for a clue to what was happening. I walked up to this library with a fire pit in front of it. Then got this image inside my head that I was turning into some kind of monster, a fire brick hulk. There was a news caster reporting about how terrible and ferocious I was in the television, that I was angry and a monster. Then I noticed I was starting to become the fiery stone hulk, but I had no anger. I thought to myself that as long as I kept my spirituality, rationality, and kept calm I could make it out of this fine. I turned around and saw a friend behind me with glowing purple eyes, and a purple glowing triangle on his forehead. I instantly knew he planted that vision of myself in my own head, then he said in a formidable voice, "NO YOU WILL NOT." (his mind read response to me telling myself it will be ok) Then he stopped my heart with his mind, and I fell out of the hole in the wall from at least a 20 story building at this point. I stood and looked out the hole from the top in 1st person view, as I fell and noticed that I was still alive. I ran and jumped at extreme speeds back in my body (while still keeping my anger low) and started fighting my friend outside. We exchanged blows back and forth, his mostly hitting me with his mind. Then he telekinetic-ally threw me through a wall into a kind of bar scene. I transformed back to normal, and started to explore this area completely forgetting what had just happened.

It was like an old rustic looking two story building with the upstairs kind of a loft surrounding the walls, and filled with mostly old people. But it didn't seem very friendly at all, I felt like I had to keep my guard up. I walked around and saw my friend sitting at a poker table. He was dressed up in chief wear from the navy. His purple navy shirt was fur lined, and he had on a leather bomber jacket. I said, "So this is what royalty feels like huh!?!" He went on about how he was a chief now, I was so happy and proud of him. Then someone said he was lying to me. I instantly was pissed at him, disgusted in him that he would pretend to hold such a title. I told him what he was doing was illegal, then I walked off as he tried to guilty defend himself. I searched looking for some type of TV channel guide so I could relax, and was pointed by this old couple to go in this room. There was a lady who had the TV channels, but there was absolutely nothing to watch. I mean they didn't have any channels, it was some old reruns of some 50's show they had for options. Then I noticed she was selling micro pigs. I thought it was the cutest freaking thing I have ever seen, I grabbed one up and I named him after my favorite beatboxer, Reeps One. I called him Reeps for short. Then the little pig started to beatbox because of the fact I named him that. I was in love with this little pig, it was the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life. We started to beatbox with each other for a good ten minuets. She was telling me about how smart they where. Man was I impressed with this little pig.

Then all of a sudden I hear a loud THUD, screams followed. I went to check it out and walked up these stairs to see double stacked bunks. With extreme velocity a woman came flying out of nowhere and crashed into the bunk, landed, and then ran into the bathroom screaming at the top of her lungs. CRASH! It happened again, then again, then again. It stopped and then this man came walking by bleeding from the mouth and what looked like a terrible disease from a broken bone in his leg. He went into the bathroom and started to brush his teeth. I was still in shock at this point and didn't know what to expect. He looked at me and said. "I am so powerful! They don't understand!" With a crazed look in his eyes, and a sinister tone in his voice. He started to brush his teeth on the ground, looking extremely sick. Blood was just pouring from his mouth, I told him he didn't look right. That he looked sick. Then the blood started to slow down, he told me that he was fine. That everyone thought he was sick, but he was just gaining power. Nobody understood him. So I asked if he wanted to have breakfast and talk about it, he started to make an egg (the tables doubled as high tech stove tops) with that same just awful crazy look on his face. I told him that his leg looked like it was in terrible condition. He reassured me that ever since he broke it, people told him he needed to go to the doctor, but people don't understand that it was making him more powerful. That the wound was making him stronger. I told him that I cared about him, I told him that I didn't know him but I cared about his well being, and that he should get it checked out by a doctor. I feared for his life. Then he handed me this dish that was just taken off the burner, it burned the shit out of my hand so I dropped it. He picked it up and then put it on his head while smiling. He then walked over to a table to brag that he had a friend, while then dish was still burning on his head. I thought about how crazy that man was as I walked out of the room, but I was happy I calmed him down.

I walked down the same stairs and out into this courtyard. I do not know why, but it looked like an all black segregated prison yard. There was old beat up appliances, and pine trees as the scene. The ground was old torn up gravel, but it had frozen puddles sporadically with an unknown liquid running below. I saw this one guy had a cup and was dancing, using the cup as a prop. I then looked to the end of the yard and saw there was a metal fence that was pushed down and a ditch followed by a neighborhood that looked like an old war zone. The building to the right looked condemned, possibly shot and blown up decades ago. My attention then focused back on the man dancing with the cup. He was walking to a beat up fridge with the light on inside of it, and stopped in a puddle of what looked like gasoline. He shouted while laughing, "Hey check out this dance move!" We all started just sprinting towards the fence as we saw the cup fill with flame. I rolled over then fence, staggered to my feet and started running through the neighborhood. On the left was a long row of barbed rolls as a barrier. The explosion went off, and alarms raised. A machine gunner started just laying people out. I got shot three times in the left hip which dropped me to the ground. I rolled into a ditch as fire spread past me sweeping back and forth, I wanted to cry out for help but I didn't want them to see me. Then the machine gunners fire started directing towards me as a sniper team was deployed for the rest. I grabbed a roll of barbed fencing and put it in front of me. I could see bullets smashing into the front of the roll and stopping before my face. I yelled in desperation for them to stop, but the bullets kept coming. I just couldn't shake the thought of why he wanted to to overkill me, I was already shot and bleeding from three shots to the pelvis. I rolled back and forth as long as I could, but his spray laid across me one more time, and I died instantly.

-Then I woke up

My dreams are getting out of hand, the more I write them down and try to memorize them. The crazier, and more detailed they are getting. I also feel like I am in complete control, lucid dreaming if you will. It's like every night I am waking up to some intense thriller with a ton of hidden meanings, like my subconscious is trying to tell me something. If you actually took the time to read this, and decipher it I appreciate it more than you know. I am wondering if maybe this process is hurting me? My dreams are becoming pretty hellacious, and never really turn out good. Like a mysterious self controlled nightmare.
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