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Lucid in Several Dreams in a Row, sustained lucidity

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

Lucid in Several Dreams in a Row, sustained lucidity

Postby ASUPERSQUIRREL » Sun Jul 19, 2015 7:21 pm

I tried a new technique to remain lucid longer in the dream. I recognize common dream themes and keep focused on a specific task. My dreams did not go black but I was lucid and continued to be lucid through several dreams! I got a book, The Oniernaut's Guide to Lucid Dreaming, and it has been the most helpful to me in getting better at lucid dreaming. I was a lucid dreamer before the book, but I'm much better at it now. I was even able to do a do-over. Need a little help with interpretation because I feel I am close to the meaning but not quite getting it :banghead:

Dream 1: Driverless Car (not a Google Car)
I am in the backseat of car. My mother had set the cruise control and fell asleep. We are both exhausted so we both fall asleep in the backseat. I force myself to wake up and realize nobody is at the wheel! :yikes Yet the car is staying in the lane on the highway, not maundering at all, even though it should've veered off onto an exit ramp by now. I notice heavy slower traffic ahead. I frantically try to get to the front seat but it is taking extreme effort as if an invisible barrier is between me and the front seat. I notice I am able to steer the car by leaning like riding a bicycle. The car just slows down when it encounters heavy traffic and switches lanes to pass heavy traffic. I am not in control, but whatever force is in control, is doing a very good job.

Dream 2: Riding the Tractor Trailer, Sustained Lucidity begins
I am riding on the back of tractor trailer of a semi truck. The trailer I am riding on is built like a steel cage painted white, open in the middle, and a pipe going down the center. I wonder how am I going to get off this trailer. I realize I am dreaming because I instantly recognize I have dreamed something similar many times before. I know what it means. It reminds of the all dreams I have had where I was forced to cross over a bridge. These dreams mean I am being forced to go in a direction that I do not want to go simply because there are no other choices on where to go. I then realize how I am going to get off this trailer, by ending this dream and starting another. :)

Dream 3: Snow in the Summer
I am in my apartment in the heat of summer. I look out and snow is coming down in huge, plate sized snow flakes. It is the purest, whitest snow I ever seen. Soon the snow is deep. I walk out and go to my car. I realize I am going to out into the big world, going some where that I have not explored. A path is cleared in the snow for me. I change my mind and decide to back up and then, suddenly I have no control, the car slides on ice into multiple cars. A police officer sees the whole thing. This is going to look bad on my insurance. Good thing that this is just a dream and I can do it over. It also means I don't have to report it on my insurance. :lol:

Dream 4: The Do-Over
I am in my apartment in the heat of summer. I look outside and I can see for miles. The snow is coming down in large fluffy white flakes. The road next to my apart switches from being concrete to gravel and becomes a winding path through the Autumn woods. The tree leaves were all orange. I think, 'The snow represents refreshment and that God is showing a great sign that He is there for me, reassuring me.' (With it being the heat of summer, the snow can symbolize relief, rescue from difficulties) I could feel the orange color, not just see it from my window. The orange felt like true boldness or courage coming through, no longer disguised by green, it is the true color of the leaves. I can also see the ocean. The beach is covered in snow, the whole world is covered in this dazzlingly white magical snow. The ocean color is almost white from the snow and I can still see waves crashing on the beach. People are out in the winter clothes walking along the beach and enjoying the peaceful sight of the ocean waves. I am determined to enjoy life in whatever circumstances I find myself in and decide I am going to walk along the beach. I am still aware that I am dreaming. :excited:

Dream 5: The Walk to the Beach
My apartment is set up like a hotel so there two main stair wells on each side. I go out one stair well, and end up in a giant shower full full of very colorful shower curtains. It happens to be the men's shower room. I look down. I am completely naked, and here I am a naked woman in the men's shower area. I see a naked but just like me, we are hugging the wall to keep front sides hidden and only our backsides exposed. He quickly ducks into a shower. How do I get to women's area? Hey, wait a minute, I am supposed to be heading to the beach! This is still a dream. Let me head to the beach! I head to beach. I am blocked by a stairwell with caution tape every where and there's an UNDER CONSTRUCTION sign. There's no construction and there's just tape, yet there's that invisible barrier again. It is like an invisible wall I cannot get through. I try another set of stairs. They are meant to be fun. I am suddenly clothed again, and am clothed in white tights like a circus performer. These stairs are like a ladder and with optional rails and footholds so you can climb like monkey bars, go up like an army commando, or climb normally. I go the trapeze artist route and climb up them while doing a head stand. I get near the top and the last few steps are just too far away. How am I ever going to get the beach? I got it! I will bring the ocean to me instead. I feel the ocean from where I am, it has a consciousness, and is self aware. It is a vast ocean of love and care, intelligence, and wisdom and can sense and pick up information outside my five senses, outside of the body, outside of the mind, and outside physical world and into the spirit world and report back to me what is going on that I cannot see, hear, feel, or taste or smell. I say, 'Bring me your waves!' The ocean comes to me. I can now enjoy the ocean right at my apartment. I walk away from my apartments and suddenly, I am at Miami Beach. Palm trees are swaying, there's no snow. I adjust the cool tropical breeze according to my comfort. I like a stiff breeze so I tell the wind to pick up and it does. Its a great day in Miami Beach in Ohio. I smile and I say, 'This is still a dream! Show me I'm still dreaming! Lets feel some cool breezes." Cool breezes come. There a hammock between two palm trees with my drinks already at my table next to it. What a great way to spend the rest of the dream, chilling in my hammock, sipping Long Island Iced Tea. :icecream: :cheers:
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