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Dream of 7/12/15

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

Dream of 7/12/15

Postby dreams2014 » Sun Jul 12, 2015 9:04 am

Before I get into my dream. I had an intense affair with a guy at work. Although we agreed to break it off, we've been on and off for the past 4 yrs. it's less intense but we still share some pretty deep feelings. It is spiritual and not sexual at all. We embrace and kiss but that's it. We've always loved how we've felt in one another's presence. I know when he's thinking of me and he sends me messages in my dreams. However, he is Mexican and I am black. I had divorced my first husband before he divorced his wife. Instead of he and i making it happen, he decided to try it out with a women of his cultural descent. Lo and behold it didn't work out. I am now remarried and he's single. I've tried so hard to get away from this situation but the universe keeps me there. He and I are cool and remain good friends and still work well together. I recently told him that I know he ran from us cause of our different ethnicities. I cried again not knowing still how raw my wounds are and how very much I feel for him. We embraced again and I expressed to him, God, the universe that I want to be free so I can be happy. With that background, here's my dream last night (the latest of many). I was at work and had lost weight and was feeling good. I go to his office to show off a bit but he wasn't there. I go to his moms house and no ones home. I "break in" thinking I'd surprise him. Im envisioning us sipping on a glass of red wine, on the couch and talking. I explore the little, seemingly run down house. Her room is kind of messy, his room was so tidy as I knew it would be (he's a Virgo). As I go to the living room, I was unaware he, his mom, daughter and another group of ppl were just hanging out on the porch. I panic hoping no one sees me. His daughter happens to look inside the house and calls my name. I try to hide my face wondering how in the hell do I get out of here. Thinking he and his mom would be pissed. I end up facing his mom, telling her I'm sorry, give her a kiss on the cheek, tell her I love her before I bolt out. I find a door out the back of the house and walk briskly to my car. I'm having a hard time finding the car key in the key ring. I'm visibly shaken. As I start my car, he and his daughter are running outdid to catch up with me. He reaches my passenger side door and attempts to open it (he was not upset though) and I, in a panic, drove off. However, I hear them both calling my name and he is just standing there looking like he didn't wants to leave. So, I make a U turn and drive back. That is the end of the dream as I wake up. Please help me understand this
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