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Sudden increase in dream recall

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Sudden increase in dream recall

Postby Raevix » Sun Jun 21, 2015 8:01 pm

I posted this in the general topic forum and would really like some insight


A question for any whom many answer. A little about my sleep statistics...... I have a dream rate, that I can remember, of about 2-4 dreams per week with about half of them being lucid dreams. I have, in the last 6 months, been listening to Binaural Beats when sleeping to try and increase my Lucid Dreaming. It has been about 1 month since I have listened to the Binaural Beats, and the other night I realized I have been dreaming with dream recall almost every single night for the past 2 weeks. Since I have realized this, I have been keeping a dream log, and sure enough I am remembering 1-3 dreams a night. I can often remember the moment of transition between the various dreams, and more often than not at least one of the dreams I have in a night becomes lucid.

This is unusual for me, as I said, I normally remember my dreams at a rate or 2-4 per week. The ONLY difference I can think of is the Binaural Beats i listened too a few weeks ago. I expected and anticipated a increase in lucid dreaming but I did not expect I would start to remember more and more dreams per night.

Does anyone with knowledge know if this is normal? I Love dreaming and I love Lucid dreaming even more. The sudden increase in dream recall rate is disconcerting. This is especially true since it has been a few weeks since I have listened to the Binaural Beats. While listening to the beats I did experience a slight increase in lucid dreaming but nothing too dramatic.

So to recap I dream recall about 2-4 times a week with half being lucid dreams. I started to listen to Binaural Beats and saw a increase in Lucid Dreams. I have not listened to the beats in about a month and have noticed a huge increase in dream recall of about 1-3 per night.

Any insight on this would be appreciated.

DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: Sudden increase in dream recall

Postby raymond1234 » Sun Jul 19, 2015 11:38 pm

When I record my dreams I have a better recall of my dreams from the night before.
If I don't record them, then the dreams are sketchy.

I think writing them down helps to train your brain and your subconscious that this is important so when you wake up , it becomes easier.

There are nights when I am aware that I have had 3,4 dreams but that is rare. Although I am often aware of two dreams.

Who knows, maybe I dream more and don't remember them.

And I think fatigue and having a good nights sleep is important too.
Dream Warrior
Dream Warrior
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