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Lucid Sleep Walking while Dreaming...

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

Lucid Sleep Walking while Dreaming...

Postby stephigirl89 » Tue Jun 16, 2015 8:58 am

So, I have two accounts of this... Both have me freaked out a bit. This is very new to me. I've experienced lucid dreaming, sure. But not while sleep walking--I haven't slept walk since I was a small child. However, I am fixing to move into my own house, I just bought my first house, and get to move in this Friday and I've been really stressed out about that. Maybe that's what this is about? Anyway, I'm looking to see if anyone can help me decipher what these crazy dreams mean.

1-A week ago I was dreaming about packing and I knew I had lost a skirt that I wanted. I don't remember what triggered this, I don't remember getting out of bed, and I don't remember who I was talking to in my dream. However, I do remember going through all of my clothes (clothes I'm still not even ready to pack yet) and getting so angry that I couldn't find this skirt I wanted. I kept finding a purple dress instead. It made me so mad that I woke myself up in anger, holding the purple dress, standing at my closet. I asked myself what I was doing, I answered that I didn't know and needed to go lay back down to go to sleep because I had to be up early for work. I obeyed myself and the rest of the night I had nice, normal dreams.

Worth noting: This was on a Monday night. Monday nights I typically lay down by 7p, and try to get to sleep by 8p with a "wind down hour" as I have to be awake by 2am on Tuesday to go to work. I calculated the time I was sleep walking to be right around 10-11pm.

2-Last night (same schedule as before by going to bed early to get up early), I had another one. Except this one was much earlier, it was before 9pm that I did this. I was dreaming about the fact I had to talk to "the people who were buying bacon from us". Us being my parents and I. I was standing in my room, feeling anxious, needing to talk to these people, fumbling for proper clothes as I was just in my nightgown. That's when my mom opened my door and saw me standing there, asked what I was doing. I remember telling her I needed to talk to the people about the bacon. She says I argued with her for a good five minutes over that fact, because she didn't have a clue what I was talking about. The next thing I remember is I sat down on my bed, saying, "Well, then I obviously missed something, didn't I?" She asked if I was awake to which I replied, "Yes, damnit, I'm awake! I need to talk to the people!" She told me "You need to go back to sleep". To which I laid down to oblige. However, the rest of the night, most of my dreams made me feel anxious. I was scared that my cat was dying in one dream. But I remember while I was dreaming that dream I was so confused because I was half awake. And my bedroom didn't look like a veterinarian's office so I didn't trust the vet. The next dream, I was in the middle of an intimate moment with the guy I'm really interested in, and then he turned into a ...... well. A three-headed person and I didn't know which face I should kiss. But it made me feel anxious because I didn't understand why he'd turn into something else. Mind you, in real life, he and I aren't even close to being intimate yet. And the third dream was a reoccurring dream I've had for a long, long while about me finding a baby in a trash can with a note saying the baby is for me because I'm the only one who can take care of it but the mom couldn't leave it anywhere else and knew I'd find the baby there.

I woke up feeling anxious, like I'm being watched even when I know I'm alone. I still feel anxious and I've been awake over 8 hours.

Anyone have any ideas about what any of this means and why I'm suddenly sleep walking? Keep in mind it freaks me out that I'm sleep walking because I'm EXTREMELY accident prone, even when there's no possible way to hurt myself I some how do...

Thanks in advance..
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DM Lurker
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