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need dream interpretation

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

need dream interpretation

Postby kmm1bunny » Tue Oct 14, 2008 6:55 am

I had a bizarre dream the other night, why else would I be posting, and I'm wondering if I could get some input on the interpretation. The dream occured after a first date that had gone well....dinner turned into several hours of great discussion where we had many commonalities. We discussed our families (parents, siblings, etc) as well as what we want out of life. There was a good connection without the pressure for premature physical intimacy that sometimes occurs with dating (I am a woman).

I dreamed I was in a huge storm, taking shelter from it in a basement, with his family (whom I had never met) but without him. Oddly enough, I felt comfortable with these people. There was an older patriach moving around the basement making sure the boards over the windows (basement windows which are at the topes of the basement walls) were secure while I stayed under an open set of wooden stairs with other women and a few children. None of these people resembled the family members he discussed with me earlier.

The wind was strong and very loud and there where bright lights shinning in through the slats of wood over the windows. There were 2 storms, the first smaller and shorter then the second. Between the two storms I walked around the basement which was a typical cement basement without anything in it (no boxes, etc). The first storm I wasn't really afraid (more excited - I've always enjoyed storms and never experienced a catastrophe type storm where I lived). The second storm was more unexpected and very scary. I held tightly onto these strange yet comfortably familier people. The noise and light intensified as well (I do sleep near a window with blinds and there may have been a car being started near my window there from the neighbor) but once the storm passed there was relief and we all felt happy.

I then woke up utterly confused.

Re: need dream interpretation

Postby Iam » Tue Oct 14, 2008 10:38 pm

Try reading about storms on Free Dream Reader (www.freedreamreader.com) - look under "Things" then click "storms" - then come back here to discuss more... very interesting dream.


Re: need dream interpretation

Postby kmm1bunny » Wed Oct 15, 2008 10:06 am

I think this is starting to make sense to me. I seperated 15m ago and the first time I met someone this past spring that I liked, they didn't want to date anymore. Now ready to start dating yet again, I have this great date (but way too soon to really know if this person is long term or not) and not surprising I have this dream. Still confused why I was with his family....whom I've never met.

Thanks for your input. I copied the pieces that have helped me put this together.

Your suggested site states storms : Dark clouds and stormy weather might be an indicator that things in your life are not as sound as they could be.

This site states storms: To see a storm in your dream, signifies overwhelming struggle, shock, devastating loss and catastrophe in your personal affairs. The storm also represents unexpressed fears or emotions, such as anger, rage, turmoil, etc. On a more positive note, the storm signifies the rising of spirit within.
To dream that you take cover in a storm, foretells that whatever disturbance or problems is occurring in your life will quickly blow over. Consider also the phrase "weather the storm", which suggests your ability and strength to withstand whatever comes.

This site states: To dream of blowing winds, symbolizes your life force, energy, and vigor. It reflects changes in your life.
To dream of strong or gusty winds, represents turmoil and trouble for you. You are experiencing much stress in some waking situation.

This site states basements are: To dream that you are in a basement, symbolizes your unconscious mind and intuition. The appearance of the basement is an indication of your unconscious state of mind and level of satisfaction. [My basement was empty and even though I have many friends and feel contentment with what I do, I do feel alone, I want to meet someone again to share life with.]
To dream that the basement is in disarray and messy, signifies some confusion in which you need to sort out. It may also represent your perceived faults and shortcomings.

This site states staircases:
To see a staircase in your dream, symbolizes change and transformation.

Another site ( www.thecuriousdreamer.com ) states things made of wood are: An object made of wood might represent:
* Nature or the outdoors
* Something dead or lifeless
* Fuel, or an input to a process
* Masculinity
* The cycle of life

* Fake or false (as in a "wooden expression" or a wooden leg)

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