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Reoccurring themes

PostPosted: Sun Oct 12, 2008 5:50 pm
by f4bidnish40
Ever since as long as I could remember, I've been having very vivid dreams....

Back then at about age 5, I was a really happy camper, physically and socially active and well. I'd be having these dreams that someone was stabbing me, and it felt so real. Then during second grade, my cousin was chopping something when she dropped the knife. I picked it up for her but ended up getting cut. The pain was the exact type from my dreams.
Sometimes, I'd dream about alternate realities that were pretty scary but ridiculous; like if I didn't leave a party early that one of my friends would snap and kill us all. Otherwise, some foreshadowed the future. My parents dismissed it as imagination and coincidence, so I didn't really take my possible ESP into consideration until now... when I got 7 out of ten card guesses right from a psychic test.
At one point, I also gained lucidity to some sort. Like one time, I dreamt that someone put a bomb in my old school. Somehow I managed to transform into an "alter-ego-kick-butt-heroine" version of myself, and decided to have fun in this dream world, thinking what it would be like if dreams could be captured into movies and replayed back in the real world. I managed to lead everyone out of the building, but my friends and I were stuck in some sorta boulder-like thing. I knew it was a dream but it was pretty scary, so out of desperation right before the impact of the explosion, I screamed out "TELEPORTATION" then woke up with my grandparents looking at me weirdly; I screamed out "Teleportation" aloud as I woke up in the real world.
And yes, I had dreams in dreams which were annoying but cool; one time I had a dream that I reached lucidity only to 'wake up' but that dream was just a dream within the actual dream itself. So while I think I'm awake and sulking over not reaching lucidity, I'm still dreaming and not realizing it... until I found a squirrel in my room. Then I seriously woke up.
My dream powers seem to be getting stronger; a thing that scared me. My facebook friend/crush had posted a dream that his friends were dying right in front of him and he was powerless to stop the murderer and he saw himself get killed and passed out. When he woke up, he found a girl glowing red that he described as "mysteriously charming" hand him a sword and to travel back in time to prevent the death of his friends. It reminded me of the dream I had that last night when I found myself glowing in flames, and I found a passed out guy. I showed him a portal and handed him a sword but forgot the rest of the detail, other than the fact that he took the sword and ran towards the portal before I could tell him my name. In his version of the dream, he was looking back and trying to ask the glowing girl her name, but she faded away as he was sucked in by a force... which must have been the portal.

I sound like an idiot... I'll stop. Just looking for a way to kill time and vent after finding this interesting site.