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Asking my unconscious to show my 'Anima'

Share your own lucid dream experiences. Discuss tips and techniques on how to induce lucid dreams and how to control/manipulate your own dreams.

Asking my unconscious to show my 'Anima'

Postby Space and Time » Mon Apr 15, 2019 4:46 pm

So yeah, since I've gained some lucid dream abilities, It was intrigued me to explore 'myself'... And, there are just so many interesting stuff I've discovered, yet finding it to be quite unclear.

I had this generic dream:
[Reveal] Spoiler:
I dont remember how the dream started exactly.

Anyway, I remember from that dream that I was swimming in a pretty deep water level of the sea, kinda far from the beach. The waters we're muddy, and so is the sky being grey, which I assume the clouds covered up the entire sky. Obviously there is no storm, just the sky being fully covered with clouds, the waters seemed to be very calm.

Before going on how the dream went, I just going to "Introduce" the characters that I've encountered in the dream:

The first character was Aquaman.
Obviously Aquaman from the DC universe movies.

The second character was a Mermaid.
A mermaid figure that I interpreted it both as Mera (A character that is part of the DC universe) and at the same time as Ariel the little mermaid. This mermaid figure had red hair and green fish-like tail, she wielded a trident and she had a really small golden crown on her hair.

Ariel the little mermaid was my "Cartoon crush" and Mera however was also a very beautifull woman. (in waking life obviously)

So, I dont remember how the dream was exactly started, but I do remember that I found myself swimming in the deep level of the sea, far-near the sand beach. I was looking at the water I was swimming in and seen Aquaman and that mermaid swimming in the depths of the water passing by, even though the water was muddy, I still managed to see them being below me 10 meters.

Later I found myself to be near a very unfinished building (It's made out of just large rocky bricks) sticking ouf the depths of water. In this scene I was making out with that seemingly beautiful and attractive mermaid figure by sharing kiss and a little bit of cuddling. But obviously I was questioning myself in my mind what about that aquaman, because I know that the mermaid (Mera) was already aquaman's wife in DC's lore (In the aquaman 2018 movie Mera became Aquaman's wife), but somehow she wanted to make out with me instead in the dream.

Dont forget that in the dream she had a fish mermaid tail (In the movie Mera always had normal human legs). Again, I interpreted that Mermaid figure to be Mera and Ariel (From the little mermaid) at the same time.

As for the Aquaman, I just saw him passing by and thats all. He somehow didn't care that I was making out with the mermaid (His wife supposedly).

Before that I was seemed to be interested to know my anima, a.k.a my 'inner feminie self'.

Later one day after that ^dream, I've got a lucid dream. I was simply summoned that mermaid character in my lucid dream, and procced to ask my unconscious if this is my anima, a.k.a my 'inner female self'. One I remember is that I intuitively felt that my unconscious responded with "No", as then a Battlefield 4 style UI interace appeared just infront of that mermaid with the text "No".

One thing that I've noticed everytime I ask my unconscious to show my anima in a lucid dream (Including the ^above one), I've got that circular pink smudge appearing in the center of my vision.

That stuff remained a mistery for me, until I've got that one half-lucid dream where I was sitting in my bed talking with a young girl (I dont realy remember, she had long blue hair) that seemed to give me explanations about myself which I dont remember what she actualy explained, she explained me stuff about myself with help of a hologram showing a grey or white background with random words that describe me, I dont remember what the words are.

I just remember that since I was kind of lucid, I asked that 'Young girl', "Can you show me my anima?", and what just happened is that she answered with 'Sure!', something like that, and the hologram procceded to show me a random pink colored text saying "8XM7..." (Rest of it I dont remember), she you know 'selected' that text, and it showed me a pink colored glowing singularity point in a white background (Which explained all of that pink smudge in other lucid dreams). I asked "Is that like an infinite singularity point of my feminie side?", the girl answered "Yes!".

Also, another detail that I've noticed during that semi-lucid dream, yet didnt care, is that I felt like I was also a girl aswell... Just wow.

So you get the point of what I'm trying to ask here. What does that "8XM7" text symbolise? What does that Pink singularity point of my feminity symbolise?
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