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boyfriend, ex, confusion..

Need dating advice? Wanna talk about sex? Just broke up with your boyfriend? Complain about your ex? Jealousy ruining your relationship? Is he/she cheating? This is the forum to discuss and share your real life experiences.

boyfriend, ex, confusion..

Postby lost_val » Sun Jan 15, 2017 2:58 am

hey guys so ive been really confused about this dream i had 3 nights ago and i just really need some advise or comments..

okay so the dream starts as my current boyfriend (though i never saw his face) arriving to my house at 5am so we go back to bed in my room until it is time for me to wake up my bros and get them ready for school. my boyfriend gets up with me and when he hugs me i get this feeling of discomfort and confusion like i know its not him but force myself to let it go and continue getting my bros ready...so my mom tells me to send my younger brother in the shower and i yell across the livingroom for him to jump in. then my mom walks out of her room and starts yelling at my boyfriend bc he walks out of my room naked covering his privates. as i follow behind my mom she yells at him to get dressed or leave then she goes to her room and slams the door. i ask my boyfriend what hes doing and next thing i know im trying to calm him down so he doesnt explode on my mom , like he is filled with so much anger...scene changes and hes trying to kiss me in the laundry room but when he does i get the feeling of discomfort again and i feel sick bc i know something isnt right and its like it isnt him and i shouldn't be kissing him or here with him so i avoided the kiss and he starts talking so negatively to me and cussing at me and i tell him i cant do this and go to my room. he follows me and still keeps talking down to me so i stand up to him and tell him that i am not going to put myself through this again and that this isnt going to happen to me again so if you're gonna be like this than leave we're done. so i break up with him and as he walks out if my house he turns around and i finally see his face.. it was my ex...

sorry its so long..i tried to make it short..anyways im so stuck.. :crying:
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: boyfriend, ex, confusion..

Postby Sheena » Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:02 pm

Maturity fears. Dream pictures the self involved with facade of adulthood, like a live-with partner with 'private parts', while still needing maternal control to structure and organize her life. There is no personal accounability, no guidance from within, only passive submission to external action, of necessity generated by the behaviors of others. You are have this dream bc of incipient awareness that you are taking what you do not want.
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