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I am always late because I can't finish anything.

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I am always late because I can't finish anything.

Postby Taliavoider » Wed Dec 23, 2015 7:12 am

I keep having dreams where I'd go out and then I'd come home to change clothes or pack up the things I need for the rest of the day. — Usually it's for an event. — For some reason, I never leave in time because I take forever getting ready to go. The last dream I had, I was in the bathroom doing my makeup until morning when, instead, I was suppose to be at a music festival with my sisters. I literally left the festival to go home and change my look only to try getting back out to the same festival I just came from. The dream before that, I was going on a road trip with a crush (love-interest) and it's like I couldn't finish packing so,.. we never went. At first, it seemed like I put all my bags into the car but I went back inside to pack. Or re-pack. In the dream, I feel like I'm going to miss out on something spectacular if I don't hurry but, it's not enough motivation to get me out the door. It's like I care more about preparation than being a reliable friend and lover. Or I'm doing things in reverse order. And as I'm preparing, I still keep a look out on things. Like, I'll look out the window mid-whatever-it-is I'm doing. I saw my crush standing at the car waiting for me while I was packing. And in the dream where I was doing my makeup, I saw really stylish Japanese girls walking the street. Looking out the window and seeing these people only made me take longer to get ready... It's like, I would second guess myself and change my lip color or unpack a certain dress.

Any advice or professional input?
What does it mean?
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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Re: I am always late because I can't finish anything.

Postby Sheena » Wed Dec 23, 2015 4:28 pm

You want 'prof' input, you pay first.
Dream Guru
Dream Guru
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