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Help with Bitlocker Recovery Keys in MSFT

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Help with Bitlocker Recovery Keys in MSFT

Postby raymond1234 » Tue May 22, 2018 11:10 pm

On Sunday, I tried to restart my computer (Dell 15
inch Laptop with W10 ) and I got a blue screen telling
me to input some BITLOCK RECOVERY KEYS.

After about an hour of searching the net and a few
emails and text messages, I was sent the keys.......a
series of 8 numbers with 6 numbers in each set.

The laptop recovered and I was able to get back
online, but when I restart the computer, I have to re-
enter the keys every time.

I updated W10 about 2 weeks ago but I don't know if
that is related.

I called Dell Help Line and the nice gentleman told me he would fix the files and
provide me 1 year of virus protection for $149.

I am not paying $149 for 'insurance' on a laptop that
I just bought in October.

I called Best Buy and they said because it was a
software issue and not hardware that their warranty
would not cover it.

Doing things like this is the only way I have ever
learned about computers anyhow. Trial and error.

Anyhow, I cleared the history and the search engines.

Then I used Ccleaner to clear everything including an
option to clear damaged and missing DLL files.

I also restarted the DELL Support thing..that updates
drivers, scans hardware and does a general check up.

I restarted the computer and had to reenter the keys

All the resources I have found suggest going to
control panel...system and security and I can find
bitlocker options there.

But when I go there, I can't find it.

And if I use RUN in the bottom left .....it won't show
up either.

In the examples I found online it's as big as Texas.

But, one entry said they were using windows pro and I
have the home office edition.

I can't find the option under system and security,
typing in Run, using the command prompt or typing in
bitlocker drive encryption after system and security
in the control panel or by using the search function
in the control panel.

This is what I am referencing........

Any suggestions?



My latest research has shown that I can only get
to Bitlock in the Control Panel if I have the PRO
edition or something higher like.....Education, PRO or

How do I fix it if I have the Home edition.......?

I can upgrade to the PRO edition for another $99 but it would be irritating to do that just to have access to a button I need to click....there has to be another way...

Dream Warrior
Dream Warrior
Posts: 2444
Joined: Thu Mar 25, 2010 11:22 pm

Re: Help with Bitlocker Recovery Keys in MSFT

Postby raymond1234 » Thu May 24, 2018 9:38 pm

After 2 trips to Best Buy and a call to Microsoft and another one to Dell.......a nice operator took me through the steps....

I went to start.......settings......Update and Security ......Device encryption ........turn off.......

I saw that before but it did not say anything about Bitlocker ......and I thought that anything related to encryption would be a good thing to leave on.

I turned it off and then it took 1.5 hours for the slide bar to finish.......I restarted it........and bingo.........problem solved !
Dream Warrior
Dream Warrior
Posts: 2444
Joined: Thu Mar 25, 2010 11:22 pm

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