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PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:14 am
by Monica
A few days ago I visited a very interesting event “The best version of yourself” and want to share my opinion about it with you.
Don`t you have periods in your life when any business is easy, and you successfully solve complex problems and feel "in shape" at the same time? And there are periods when everything you do is unsuccessful?
The best version of yourself distinguishes a person from a loser, the moderator of the event calls it "mojo". Mojo is a positive attitude, a special attitude of spirit that leads you to victory, allows you to enjoy work and life.
I was given a simple and clear plan of action on how to get mojo, how to save it and how to return it if I lose it.
And you know, after the master-class I feel this mojo and I feel that there are no unsolvable situations in my life:)