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The Kid Who Couldn't Leave The Yard

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The Kid Who Couldn't Leave The Yard

Postby DreamTrapper » Wed May 17, 2017 10:08 am

“Do you believe it’s possible for two people who haven’t met to share a dream?”

I'm not attempting to mislead you... this is what my book is about. "The Kid Who Couldn't Leave The Yard," my novel about shared dreams.
Until May 22nd, 2017, you can download it for free onto just about any device from Smashwords.com. For Free. Just enter the coupon code UU44E. It's that simple. You don't have to purchase anything.

Though it isn't a biography, it is loosely based upon actual events from my childhood.
Unfortunately, in the 1960's, many children diagnosed as hyperactive were prescribed Phenobarbital, a very addictive barbiturate.
At the time, few physicians were aware of the drug's possible side effects and how it alters the chemistry of the human brain. Especially a child's...
Many of these children experienced hallucinations, flashbacks and nightmares that haunt them to this day.

The main character of my book is Jack, a young boy suffering through withdrawal from phenobarbital. When he has a lucid dream of saving a native girl from a molester, his best friend tells him that he’s had a ‘true dream,’ that the girl from his nightmare is real, she’s had the same dream and the attacker is really after Jack.
Jack's dream also seems to hold the answers to questions Jack's grandfather has been searching for, for over 60 years, following his rescue by a mysterious group of native men on horseback after accidentally being shot in a forest called Skunk's Misery .

I think you will like the book. I know one thing - it will make you wonder.... And it doesn't cost you a cent.

Thank you.
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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