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A series of poems written on spirituality and love.

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A series of poems written on spirituality and love.

Postby spacejunkie » Sun Apr 10, 2016 11:05 am

A Webbing to Care
Surrender your
opposition to me.
I have been conditioned
to deal with it perfectly.
Throw your tantrums
of hate my way,
I will pocket your pity
and feed you love today.
Tell me I'm worthless,
and nothing to desire.
I will prove to you
your worth,
bring you self appreciation
I am one with all, and we all are something to admire.
All That Ever Was
Love stretches outward Coating everything it sees Intoxicating deadly, ripping tides in the seas. It tears out all our secrets and insecurities. It digs its fingers in. It will bring you to your knees. It will rip you open wide and eat all of your decay, it will make you clean again it will let you live another day.
Love, it washes in, it climbs up on the shore. It wraps around you ankles, you needn't stand any more. It will hold you up it will make you breathe. it will take care of you, envelope you with its breeze. It wisks around you skin, it soaks in all your pores. it knows all you fears it keeps them off the shore.
It streches down the bank, its every thing you see. It reaches into the sky, Its all you'll ever be.
Blue Skies
Blue skies are falling all over the pavement. I've been dipping my toes in for entertainment.
Its fun to see them rise once more , the grounds never wet, dries never floor.
And i'm still waiting for the sprout, cast away the dead spit stagnant out.
It seems to me life can be fantasy if you want to play forget about me.
Cause i think i know just how to do it, i think i know who really blew it.
and im tired of wasting all of my time. if you dont wanna come i'll see ya down the line.
Cause i feel i cant stop no holding me back. And if you wanna come with me were taking the right track. And i can taste it where were going, only in my dreams.
I can see there infront look past the seams. Can you feel the waves that are pulling us in,
its not alone that we release sin, and we gravitate toward whom we feel for
I'm asking for god, nothing more.
God's Call
Pidder padder on my seal
Waking up to nothing real
Flash of light and cool sensation
Feeling gods great radiation.
My solar plexus flairs quite tight
Sending My heart chakra into flight.
Energy swirls in loving wheels
I know god and how he feels.
Can't give in to human frustration
Making time for a beautiful occasion.
Feel the hurt, now time to pass
In this life given what you grasp
Open your mind to the great unknown
Close your eyes and ask to be shown.
Simple quiet. settled lake
One single question, drops in, quakes.
Ripple once, and plays out all.
In my lap the answers fall.
Meditate and hear Gods call.
Secrets come from the air, they wisp into my ear
They tell me that I'm lovely, that i do not belong here.
I have found a place of comfort deep into my mind
For all the things you see illusion, i am certainly blind.
I may not understand your reasons
Your jobs, your politics
But i can help your emotional seasons
Because i can figure on what makes you tick.
A child's flamboyance , an elders wisdom
My mind has experience beyond these walls and oceans.
And my heart has something to say beyond my human emotions.
All by Halley Layne 'aka' SpaceJunkie :tongue: :heartpump: :blowingkisses: :apple: :balloons: :heartpump:
Beware that no one lead you astray saying Lo here or lo there! For the Son of Man is within you. Follow after Him! Those who seek Him will find Him. Go then and preach the gospel of the Kingdom.
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Re: A series of poems written on spirituality and love.

Postby Kerrshay » Thu Nov 01, 2018 2:42 pm

Well written. I enjoyed every last word and the phrasing of your sentences.
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