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Removing childrens heads.

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Removing childrens heads.

Postby Ora Nemi » Mon Feb 20, 2012 7:50 am

My dream started off like i was talking to two people i think, but i don't know them in real life. One of the girls was only pretty if you looked at her through a window or something, but she got progressively uglier as you took the mirrors away. The other one...well...i don't know if it was a boy or a girl (i don't think it really even had a gender) but it was very deformed, so i will call it IT. IT had beedy little back eyes, no hair, no ears, there wasn't really a mouth and its head was shaped like a dog head. IT was kind of violent from what i remember and i think IT tried to make me look like it. IT may have tried to split my head open. I think there was a dream catcher in the room with us...

My dream changed and i was in the home of some women. The girl and IT was there with me. The woman was evidently going to have us baby sit her two kids while she was gone or something. I REALLY hated this idea because i knew that IT would hurt the kids. I tried to warn her but IT asked her if she liked magic tricks and told her kids to come over if they wanted to see one. I turned away and covered my mouth, knowing what was going to happen and i may have covered my eyes. I heard the mom yell something and that IT had removed the children's head and put them on upside down (not that they stayed on the kids.
That's all i remember. any ideas?
Ora Nemi
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Part Time Dreamer
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