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Dreaming Never Ends

PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 7:34 pm
by LoupGarou
I guess I should start off with a short introduction. My name is Lisa, I am 29 years of age, and I live in Upstate, NY. I came in search of a site like this one, mostly, due to the fact that my dreams have become more spectacular as of late. Every night I fall asleep, only to wake up again. I don't me wake in my own bed, no longer sleeping. I mean I wake somewhere else.

It is safe to say I have been dreaming the same dream since I was 15. I know people and places. I know street names, and the buildings that reside on them. When I dream, I can map out where I am and how I could get somewhere else. What makes this odd, is that I have found no place (city, town, etc.) like this. I haven't even found a similarity between anywhere I have been. Now, the dreams are not always the same in feeling or subject, but I am always there... where ever there is.

I have found that I can do some of the decoding of my dreams, on my own. There are always certain things that stick out that have a rational deffinition. However, most of my dreams are just like a "day in the life," of me. Nothing odd. Nothing that would be a far stretch from what I would normally do. Why? If I am doing those things, or will do those things, why do I have to dream about them more?

When I wake from my dreams, I have to take a good moment to come back to here, as it were. Lately this process has been taking longer and longer. I walk around, not in a haze, but just with the feeling of that other place. It does feel different. It smells and sounds different. People are different too. I know that the faces we see in our dreams come right from memory. But if my memory serves, I have yet to dream of anyone I know in real life. I will also recognise people in my dreams, even if they haven't be present for many years.

It is sad to say, but I miss my dreams. I really think that I stay awake durring the day, only to be tired enough to crash at night and dream hard and long.

Re: Dreaming Never Ends

PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:20 pm
by Sheena
In the research from Harvard dreams are understood as coming from unresolved matters that day. Dreamer describes a lifestyle choked to insignificance by routine, full of stress but no meaningful challenge.
Contentment? Perhaps.