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Struck by Lightening

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Struck by Lightening

Postby sarmet » Thu Jan 15, 2009 12:32 pm

My dream last night has me worried. It was extremely vivid and real. I generally don't remember much about the dreams I have but this one I did. I remember where I was driving what vehicle I was in and everything. It was raining and I was driving the vehicle I use now as my main vehicle and it was raining really bad....All of a sudden lightening stuck on both sides of my truck really loud and neon blue and white. The next thing I know is my hands are stuck to the steering wheel and I am being shocked from the lightening, I can hardly see to drive, my body is shaking, voltage is high. It was like I drove out of it still alive but remember when I was able to pull my hands from the steering wheel and looking at them the lines you have in the palms of your hands were extremely white and raised from being shocked. I look over at the passenger and it was my grandmother that passed away 9 years ago (in April). Apparently the shock caused a heart attack and I remember someone saying the initial shock is what killed me. ???? I know lightening does not strike vehicles because of the rubber on the tires but what do you think this means? Of course heart problems run in the family but I am healthy and not having problems, Blood pressure is high from time to time but I take medicine to regulate that..... Thanks! :?

Re: Struck by Lightening

Postby revealer » Thu Jan 15, 2009 4:37 pm

The dream is warning you of a time to come when you will pass between "a rock and a hard place," or two lightening bolts if you will. The two incidents together will cause some physical damage to your body but you will survive.

You should not fear going into this set of circumstances because protect has been made available to you.

Hope this helps... :dusto:
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