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Postby allyluv4 » Thu Jan 15, 2009 11:00 am

Well since last year or two years I cant really remember when this started. I have dreams
and they seem to come true days, or months later, not exactly as it was in my dreams but very similar. This is the one that caught my eye the most. My dad’s father pasted away around 10 years ago or so. Well I had a dream that he came to me as an owl a white owl to be specific, he flew down from the roof of my parents house down to the floor by me, he told me “do not to be afraid I am your Tata” (“Tata” Spanish word for grandfather) he said “do not tell your dad it’s me but I am watching over you and your dad if you tell him he will be afraid” I said ok. After this dream I told my mom what I had dreamt a couple days later we were all sitting in my moms front yard when we noticed a white owl on the roof of their house. I said omg… mom do you see that she said yes :o . Since then I pay more attention to my dreams and they always seem to happen like I said the next day, a couple days later, weeks or even months. Not all of my dreams come true but for the most part they do. They are mostly about my life and my family members. I dream almost every night. I have not started to keep a log of my dreams but I am going to.
Someone please help are these premonitions or are the normal common dreams.

I look forward to hearing a response.

Thank you



Postby revealer » Thu Jan 15, 2009 4:08 pm

These dreams are perfectly normal. I don't feel that they are premonitions by any stretch of the imagination. I believe, correct me if I am wrong but certain faiths believe that the dead can come back and speak to living family members. A sorta watching over, if you will. I believe the catholic faith believes this, I am not entirely sure.

By the way, the white owl is representing pure wisdom. So in other words pure wisdom is watching over you and your family. The owl speaking spoke because he knew that you and your family needed pure wisdom to watch over you.

Hope this helps... :dusto:
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