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Another weird one

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Another weird one

Postby myranda02 » Thu Jan 15, 2009 10:57 am

This is getting weird for me. I'm almost at my quota for remembered dreams for the year and it's only January!

Alright, in this dream I'm back in my hometown. This is a tiny town in the Ozarks, population about 2000. The town is being attacked by the Chinese military. At the beginning of the dream, I'm in some sort of meeting place. A town hall or something. I can see the fighter jets in the sky, as if there is no roof on the building, and I'm watching as they drop bombs all around me. For some reason I feel the need to run to my grandma's house, about 10 miles away. I stay in the cover of trees, shrubs etc. and low-crawl when I have to be out in the open. Just as I'm getting close, I'm captured. I'm taken by Chinese soldiers to my grandma's house only it's now their headquarters. As I'm being dragged down a hall, this geisha steps out and tries to pull me away from them. She's calling me by name and I seem to know her. I have just enough time to shout something to her in Chinese before I'm pulled into a small room, like a cell. The next thing I know, the geisha is opening the door and she tells me that she's convinced the commander to keep me alive because I speak Chinese and know the culture (which I do in real life) and she thinks that I could adapt. He agrees but only on the condition that I train to become a geisha too. Later we all go to China and I learn that China has basically overtaken the entire world. As I am changing into my geisha getup, one of the other geisha notice the Star of David around my neck. She tells me that while I can still practice my faith freely that I shouldn't flaunt it and so she takes my necklace. The rest of the dream I am training to be a geisha and also trying to keep away from all of the men because the geisha who saved me knows that they will want to sleep with me because of my blond hair and blue eyes. I hear someone say something about a Jewish settlement not far away and I think maybe they'll let me quit being a geisha so that I can move to the settlement and then I woke up.

Anyone have any ideas as to what this could be about?

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