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2 Dreams in the same night, common theme?

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2 Dreams in the same night, common theme?

Postby bina03 » Thu Jan 15, 2009 10:43 am

Last night I had two dreams that at first seemed pretty different: one was very peaceful and one was anything but, but after I thought about it I realized they both have one key component...In both dreams I loose something important to me in the ocean/lake...

Dream 1:

I am moving away and an ex boyfriend (that I still have some feelings for) comes over to say goodbye. In the dream I was very happy to see him. While he is there we decide to go swimming in the ocean in my backyard (in real life I live about 1,000 miles from the closest ocean, but until recently had planned on moving to Florida) The water was very deep, but very bright and clear and while we were swimming he gave me a gift that I dropped in the water on accident. I tried to get it but it was just to far down, however i could still see it on the ocean floor.

Dream 2:

My old roommate (who is like a big sister to me and I would do anything for) was in trouble with the law and was on the run and I was helping her. We were driving really fast until we got to ferri boat launch, but we couldn't stop and our car went right into the very dark (but not murky or dirty) water I was terrified (I am scared of drowning) but somehow managed to get out of the car and surface and so did my roommate. But I was upset because things that were important to me were still in the car at the bottom of the water and I couldn't get them.We climb out of the water and got on the next ferri and took it to the other side and started walking. We finally got to this resturant and went in side and my mom and grandmother (who passed away) and all the women in my life who are a comfort to me were eatting together. I started crying and that was pretty much the end of the dream.

Can anyone help me out here?
DM Lurker
DM Lurker
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