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my dream

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my dream

Postby truemeaning15 » Thu Jan 15, 2009 10:29 am

me and my friend alyssa go to some mans place. i dont know why,we are outside of his opening gate.then he comes he is in a school bus. i think his name is michel.he hits us and squishes us against the side of his garage he try to get out.i feel the crushing as if its hurting even though its a dream. we escape running then it turns into a pool scene a whole bunch of people are there.i get a brown and tan towl we sit on the floor next to a girl with the same towl.it changes to alyssa her sister and me,we are going to see there mom(in real life her mom is in jail for a while for stabbing someone). we pass this house twice the first time it s blue with pink shutters then we pass it again and it has bright neon orange shutters.when we get to her house her house is a one story house its coral colored it also has pillers.shes has a roomate but we dont go in.then it changes back to the pool and michel.he was chasing us agian we ran to the other side of the pool to where alyssas mom was we didnt move from her side we saw him throwing drinks at people also throwing children.then we go back to her moms house the house now how bright neon green shutters.i knwo now that michel likes candy there is a file folder by the gate full of candy.it then changes to my school im in culinary arts we are making something weird we need a skillet and some candy and thats all im afraid of getting the candy because of michel i look through all the drawers looking for the starburst.before that we were in a car being chased by michel he was hitting cars and blowing them up.it was dark and in the city there were alot of lights around us while we were being chased.then i was home i was looking for something in my fridge maybe some to drink.i told my mom what happened i guess they were togetther because she kepttelling me she still wanted to be with him. i kept telling her he was trying to kill me but she didnt care i kept telling her all she cares about is her self,she didint care if i died or not. i also remeber there was like this tiki bar by the pool.

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