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2 dreams...

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2 dreams...

Postby SpiritualDreamer » Thu Jan 15, 2009 9:45 am

There are 2 dreams:

1st one I was in the supermarket with my friend who has a full cart. I was getting 1 ramen noodle and 1 jar of chinese candy. Both are expensive like over $4 each.

2nd dream:
This happen outside in broad daylight. My friend and I was walking up a mountain and he wants to see something. So I follow and we were on line with everyone else. While we were moving up on the line, I saw my friend's floor lamp (the very one that he has) and it reaches to the 2nd floor. So we are moving up the line and there is this officer/registrar person behind a desk at the front of the line. When it was our turn, I told the officer/registrar person that there is a guy (stranger) who was in line with me and before me. The guy behind the desk said, "he is not on the list" as he look at his book and he send him away. Then the officer/registrar person turned and looked at me and asked me "What do I really think of that guy?" I said, "He is not my type"

What do you think?
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