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something thats half bear and half wolf in the face

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something thats half bear and half wolf in the face

Postby d bateman » Thu Jan 15, 2009 12:23 am

man i had a dream that there were two men and they were losing their land because of financial reasons maybe? one man looks at the other and says then your gonna love this ..they are gonna take the truck too and they are here ..they see lights in the distance and it shows up and the best way to discribe this is IT looked to be a bear with c hook claws with a wolfs face ...i remember you could see the teeth or fangs .i dont feel it was worn as a costume that it was a omen of some sort good or bad i dont know .but when it spoke it was a very low gravelly voice and said are you ready? ill tell ya i wont be going to the zoo anytime soon that for @#$# sure .but i didnt feel like it was a threat in some way.confused a little.wth does that dream mean? or what it i just ate the mc donalds too late tonight...
d bateman

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