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The real sequel to National Treasure

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The real sequel to National Treasure

Postby Sten Darker » Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:20 pm

in this dream, at some point in the dream-past... stole the declaration of intependance, discovered the treasure.. yaddayaddaydda...

Anyways, now, the others have retired and I remained an archeologist. I was investigating the Satanic Muslim cult of southern England (I'm from the US) who created Stonehenge, and invented belly dancing. :D I was investigating these ruins (a modern city built around it) at the very southern tip of England.
At the Ruins, there was a clean, modern bed, with real nice linen sheets. I was suddenly in pajamas and crawled in and went to sleep. when I woke up, it was sunny (I had this recently, and it's a cold, couldy winter this year) and I saw modern members of the cult wearing all black, and I don't remember their faces, but perhaps they wore masks. I new they were going to hurt me, so I bulted! Exit: Stage left! I got out of the ruins (random standing walls in the middle of a street by an office building) when I was suddenly transported back in time.

It was back in my home town, and I saw the Great Plains as they were in 1876. There was a huge camp-fire near-by (exact spot of what was a local grocery store that burned down a couple years ago) and a... modern diner... heh. I walked inside, and found the only modern-looking person there. Sitting by a window facing the fire. he wore a black coat, and I knew he was a secret-agent-type-guy... a bad guy. I sat next to him and he started ranting about how I stole the declaration of independance, and am now back in time, therefore knowing too much. He sends me a warning: he looks over at the camp-fire, and it explodes... I presume, also making the store burn down a few years ago from my point of view. He looks over to where the high school is, and i know what's going to happen.

Suddenly, I'm in a poorly constructed burger king... foundation problems...open-ended gas-pipes. and general crap, I thought had dissappeared in the 90's. I announced that I had a "feeling" that the place was going to explode. I got everyone to run, and I found that the Burger King was placed inside the basement-slash-gym of the school. I ran up the stairs that boardered the pull-out bleachers, and there seemed to be at least four floors as apposed to the normal two, and got everyone around me to run, except for one kid who thought I was lying. i looked down, and the Burger King exploded!

As we ran out, the rest of the school exploded, and bursting out of the flames was a red sports car. the (somehow i knew) female driver knew who had caused the explosion, and was going to do something about it... bad Idea. I knew she would be killed, and then suddenly... a GIANT aid-breathing OCTOPUS burst out of the flames with a bone-chilling, violent roar, and landed on the car. it pounded it's huge tentacles at the car, until it eventually launched, spinning into the air, and landed upside-down. the driver was dead.

The octopus could not be controlled, and it ran at the school, killing people violently. Then the news helicopters came and shined their spotlights on it. (this is night, by the way) the Octopus, which also happened to be in HD jumped past me, theatrically, into the odd, random dessert, and into the darkness.

I woke up for about two seconds then fell back asleep. this time, I was in the lowest level of the school. a single-room, concrete, walled... possibly janitors room. with my buddies from the off-screen past adventure, as mentioned. as well as this old guy, I somehow recognised as someone I respected. He was probably a teacher, or a janitor. Anyway, I told them all about the guy back in 1876, and his warning. then we (off-screen) climbed up the ladder, into the grassy field above the room, to look at the night sky.

One of my friends is kind of a jerk, and not my friend in politics. He looked up at the brightest star, and apperently, the star was Sarah Palin. he said, "Haha! how's it feel to be up there, Palin?!" in a mocking tone.

I dunno why, but I answered him with somehting that had nothing to do with what he just said. but I said, "You think this is over!? That octopus is still killing people at random!" I was talking to everyone. "this happened because we were snooping! We can't afford to do that again!"

then another one of my friends said something about a new treasure, and pulled out a map. we were reluctant at first... but we all silently agreed. we. would. treasure-hunt. again!

I sort of dazed awake, then back asleep.

for this last part, i was one of the news reporters in one of four helicopters surrounding the Octopus in the nighttime desert, spotlite on the octopus on the ground, and each 'copter having a guy ready to launch a harpoon to kill the octopus.

I looked down at the HD demon, and it crouched down, then jumped up, roaring, the same, violent roar, and went straight at my copter.... we died.

Sounds more like a movie to me. I suppose I should go into directing, or something....

Anyways, not a problematic dream... if I could I would have dreams like this every night!! maybe i do! I wish i could remember more of my dreams! anyways, I'd still love... thoughts? :wave:
Sten Darker
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DM Lurker
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