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Vivid nightmare, "sweat of the lotus"

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Vivid nightmare, "sweat of the lotus"

Postby SweatofLotus » Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:18 pm

So my nightmare begins, its plays like a movie with cinematic cuts and etc.

I'm in a really dark nightclub in a hot tub with my friends, and we're drinking. I'm somehow involved with this blonde girl, but I dont know her in real life. just in my dream.
My friend has come back from a trip in eastern europe, clearly sick, and talks to us. We get a tray of oyster shooters, the oysters are in a bloody liquid and my sick friend coughs on them. Everyone has one, except for me. (note: the sick guy gave everyone a zombie-ish illness, bloodlust, rage, etc)

Next thing, I wake up in a strange house on the floor with a gun in my hand,2 dead guys around me, and the blonde girl is passed out on her back.
Her face is covered in blood, shes zombie-esque and with no warning wakes up with a possesed voice and says "what are they doing here?".

Zombies are trying to break into the house, so I pick up the gun and start fighting people off, killing zombies with shots to the head and etc. Once I secured the house, I look for the gorgeous girl again hoping I can save her from her illness, and find her in the bathtub. She looks at me dying and just says "I think I'm the only one that truly knows you". Right after the last word, her body collapses flat and her body isnt real, its like she was a painted. The shower turns on, and I try to throw a towel over her to save her from the water, but she goes down the drain. This part of the dream turns into the movie title where it just says "sweat of the lotus", and then its like a movie cut and I find myself on a boat, trying to escape watching people getting hunted by zombies, and then there are more "paint people" on the docks dripping into the water, just blankly staring at me.

I woke up right after this. Sorry for all the details, but its just really weird. Anyone have half an idea of what its about?

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