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Can anyone help me interpret my crazy dream?

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Can anyone help me interpret my crazy dream?

Postby pleasant » Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:17 pm

I dreamt that I was inside my house watching a man tring to break into my house. He was at my window not my door and he was very determined. I was hiding in the entry to the kitchen, but he saw me and winked his eye at me 2 or 3 times. He was very anxious to get into my house. I remember feeling like he was coming for me and not to burglarize my house. I managed to run out of my front door into the street where there were 3 other men in the car waiting for him. I did get out of the house safely without him catching me. This was a very disturbing dream for me I was nervous to fall asleep later because I didn't want to have another bad dream. Is there anyone who would like to share there thoughts on my dream. Thanks!!! :| :| :crying:

Re: Can anyone help me interpret my crazy dream?

Postby amethyst13 » Thu Jan 15, 2009 1:12 am

Hey, usually i find that dreams symbolize a lot of things in your life. It could be something that is happening or that you are worried about. Even thou it was a disturbing dream, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is going to happen. In your dream you were inside your house. houses usually symbolize safety and security and a place that you are familiar with and most comfortable. The fact that a man was trying to get into the house through the window to get to you symbolizes somebody or something in your everyday life is invading your personal space. a man in a dream symbolises strength or higher authority, and in your case the man was determined. this could mean that something in your life is bothering you and you feel its out of your control. i hope that, any of my thoughts help you in some way, alot of the time its hard to analyze when you dont see the dream yourself. But usually the dream will fade away as you go through stages of life and whatever you may be going through passes by and the dream doesnt mean anything anymore :)
Best wishes

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