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Attempting to kill me/ Son about to die

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Attempting to kill me/ Son about to die

Postby Livingthedream » Wed Jan 14, 2009 9:25 pm

I had a dream last night about my brother waiting in the car with another person (girl stranger). When I got in I saw girl in back of car and new she was going to hurt me. I looked over and my brother who lives with me is in the front seat pointing a shot gun at me. He was getting ready to shoot me and I finally could speak out loud "Please don't I love you". My heart rate, sweat, and scarred outloud words woke me up before he fired???????

Today I had a second dream about my son about to die. I was driving and a little girl was sitting in the road. I swerved to miss her. THe next thing I know I am looking for my 7 year old son and he is laying on top of a tree limb on ground and not moving. I rush over and grab him and start yelling. He barely says "you feel warm". I then woke up and was sooo upset.

These dreams are within 48 hours of each other? Any insight? I have been very upset and can't stop seeing both dreams so vividally.

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