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Traveling Secret Passages

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Traveling Secret Passages

Postby Elendor » Wed Jan 14, 2009 7:35 pm

This is a dream I had early in the morning of Aug. 22, 2008.
T.: One of my best friends
W.: Another of my best friends [only showed up at the end of the dream]
K.: A girl I like; also my friend

Is there any sort of meaning to the dream, or was it just some strange story my mind invented?
I was talking to friends after school when K. came over and told me that she needed to tell me something in private. After looking I said that I didn't think that there was anywhere private, as there were people all around. She told me that there was a place and told me to follow her.
She led me to a wall with two bathroom doors in it, and told me to go inside. She went in the girls' one (which was on the left) and I went into the boys' (which was on the right). The door led directly into a stall with nothing in it. The far wall of the stall was made out of wood and looked like the door leading into the bathroom. Confused, I came back out and asked what I was supposed to do. K. peeked her head back out and spoke to me, but I forget what she said. Immediately after, someone, I am not quite sure who, told me to push on the wooden wall (this might have actually been something that K. said. I went back in and tried it. The wall swung open like a door and I went in.
The door led into a passage which was also accessible from the girls' bathroom through the same method. When I went in K. was waiting for me on the other side. She led me through the network of passages for a while. At some point my friend T. joined up with us (I am not sure where he came from or why we let him come, as the whole point was to find somewhere private).
Eventually we came to a courtyard which somehow I knew was a secret area used by one of our teachers to teach her classes in (not sure why she had it or how I knew what it was). Oddly, we just went past it rather than use that as a private spot. We kept going on for a while longer; nothing much happened as far as I can remember.
Suddenly we heard people coming for us, as it seemed that we were not supposed to be in the tunnels. They wore uniforms that looked basically like that of a SWAT team agent. We fled as fast as we could and eventually got far ahead of the people chasing us.
At some point we wound up in another courtyard-type area. I think K. knew of a way out through there, but for some reason I convinced her and T. to go another way. I think it was because the path I led us on would not have been searched by the people for whatever reason. I went in first and K. and T. followed. There was some sort of obstruction in the path. When I removed it, however, something fell over and made a loud noise. We heard one of the people shout something like "We know where you are, you can't escape!" Behind the object I removed was some sort of wall. We closed something behind us, which would keep the people out. On the wall behind the object I pulled out, there was a trigger of sorts which would cause an explosion in the tunnel. As the people broke through the wall behind us, I hit the trigger as a last-ditch effort. For some reason the explosion did not hurt me, but it did open up the a path which was concealed by the wall with the trigger in addition to stopping the people from following me. It was too late though; K. and T. had already been captured.
I continued through the passages alone for awhile. Eventually I reached a section which ran next to the school library. In this part of the tunnel there where windows a few feet off the ground which looked into the library. I rested there for a bit while I tried to figure out how to move on without being seen through the window. I tried a couple times to make it by, but I could not duck down low enough. On my next try I was seen and the people who had been searching for us quickly caught me and I gave up.
At this point the dream skipped forward in time to either later that day or the next day. I was standing in a hallway with T., K., and I my other friend, W. We were talking to each other when our Spanish teacher came out of a classroom and started talking to us. After a bit of talking she said in a hushed voice, "I would try to help you, but I have a lot of work to do." (This probably meant that we had got in trouble for being in the tunnels.) She showed us that she had been stapling class projects of some sort to the wall of her class room. She told us to come in, and we did. When we looked at the wall, we saw that what she was putting up were some sort of booklet project that we had done in sixth grade (not in real life - we never actually made these projects; it was only in the dream). We were very surprised by this, and we went up to the wall to find our own. I believe K. was the most excited out of us (as she probably would have been in reality). The last thing in the dream was me looking at my project, which I believe was about dinosaurs (which makes little sense to me, though in sixth grade science we did do projects on dinoaurs).
A couple weeks after I had this dream I noticed the following while on a trip to a camp with my grade before the start of school:
The area where the back entrances to the bathrooms at the camp were located was highly similar to the area in my dream where the bathrooms were. I noticed this almost at once and it came as a big shock. The only real difference was that the bathroom doors in the dream were closer to each other (which was more convenient for the purposes of the dream). Otherwise, it was nearly identical. The doors were outside and the wall they were on was made of the same material, I believe. Lastly, opposite the wall the doors were on there was another wall, a minor difference being that in real life only one door was opposite the other wall as the doors were further apart.
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