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omg this was creepy :O

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omg this was creepy :O

Postby Miss Underst00d<3 » Wed Jan 14, 2009 4:54 pm

I walk through the snow, shivering and crying. All I could see is snow falling, and The wind is blowing really hard. I come to a frozen pond and step onto the ice. I quickly fall through and I float helplessly underneath the now warm water, and look around. It is really deep, and blue and there is long wavy green weeds that seem to grab onto my legs. I swim away, and I am now near underwater ruins that are built into a huge rock. I see this cave in the rock, but it looks like it is filled with air. Like there was a clear wall around the opening of the cave. I approach the wall, and go through it, and realize that it had not been a wall, just where the water ends and on the other side there is air, like a bubble. I step into the cave and lee a long narrow tunnel. There is a small orange light at the end of the tunnel. I start for the tunnel and as I walk through it, the walls slowly start to close in around me, until I can no longer stand up. I crawl the rest of the way, cutting and scraping my knees, and I finally make it to the room and discover the walls are in flames. There is an old glass chandelier hanging from the rocky ceiling, and old dusty stained glass lamps with a red flickering candle in them, and intricate stained glass windows, but there is no light coming from them. I look around, terrified, and see my family, but there is something wrong. They look dead, with dark circles under their crimson eyes. They are wearing raggy clothes, and seemed very angry. They had open cuts all over their pale arms and faces, and they were bleeding. The blood was black. Then, as if I did something they didn’t like, they walk toward me, screaming words I cannot make out. I turn and run, but it seems my feet aren’t moving fast enough. I make it to the tunnel and slip, and start falling down, and I just keep falling until I land and wake up crying in my bed.

it doesnt seem like much,, but it sure scared me!!
Miss Underst00d<3

Re: omg this was creepy :O

Postby endebendel » Wed Jan 14, 2009 5:34 pm

What's with the titles?
Who are you, Betty Boop?
Natural forces, wind etc., which cause you to move are the natural processes of growth and development, possibly some social pressure.
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