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Any idea about the possible meaning of this dream?

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Any idea about the possible meaning of this dream?

Postby Horde84 » Wed Jan 14, 2009 1:28 pm

It was a normal work day and I was about to leave my current duty station. Sgt Reid (guy i work with, pretty good friend.) told me to go ahead and call the phone company. I call them, they ask me when I set up service.. I gave them the day and the rep asked me the hour and I told him that it depended on when their CENSOR company started the service on that CENSOR day. (yelling). Then I got up and started to walk out of the office, on my way out Sgt Reid stops me and says ur probably going to get talked to because there was no way they didn’t hear that. (All Snco’s and officers are in the flight chief's office.) I walked outside to smoke a cigarette.

Outside of the squadron it was a Sonic drive thru parking lot back home, I meet a woman that would later come back in the dream, we hit it off well... I come back in and some of the guys tell me that my flight chief wanted to talk to me later and I got really pissed again, but this time I lose control of myself and collapse on the floor siezing up.

The next thing I know im in a bedroom. Sgt Reid and the woman are there… Reid asks me if im alright I tell him I don’t know what happened, he says nobody does. He leaves, so its just me and the woman. (think the woman is a wife to a guy i work with.) (When I was seizing the first time I notice that I had deep cuts on my left hand before I ended up in the bedroom.) Once reid leaves I begin vomiting and coughing up blood. The woman helps me to the bathroom as I crawl along the floor. Once I get to the bathroom I stop coughing and vomiting up blood. I try to thank her for her kindness, to notice she is on the phone talking about how it sucked that she was going to miss going to Aspen with her friend. She gives me a bad look as to say this is all ur fault and I get a really mad and start seizing again, this time I call her a bitch while im seizing and she seems to take pleasure in a sexual way when she hears me calling her names. Then I stop seizing but am faking it. She stops noticing. Then I woke up.

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