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Confessing a murder I didn't commit!

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Confessing a murder I didn't commit!

Postby Petrarch » Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:42 am

Last night, I dreamed I was a reporter. I dreamed that I had reported about a murder that had just taken place. But then, I got this crazy idea that I should confess to the killing myself. I seemed to want to generate some publicility for some burger joint that I frequented in town.

So I was convicted and sent to prison for the crime. I found that the jail was out in the middle of nowhere, and seemed to be more like a bar than a jail. THere wree inmates everywhere, and some wre drinking. I began having second thoughts about what I had done. From hence forth, I spent a great deal of time both proclaiming my innocence, as well as looking for a way to escape for myself, as well as the two guys who were also convicted of the murder.

I saw an area outside the prison that simply had a barbed-wire fence as a barrier. I decided to see if I could not climb over the fence to freedom. But then I remembered I had seen others try to escape by doing the same thing elsewhree, and getting caught. i was unsure if I should go for it.

I turned around, and saw a woman named Evelyn whom I work with in real life. I told her my story. I asked if she was legimitely in prison for murder, or if she had been inncent like me. She said that her murder was real, and that she was the guilty party. I asked if anyone ever got out of the prison, either by getting realsed by officials, or escaping., She said no. I begged her to help me get out. She wrote a letter to prison offcials asking for assistance. I wondered if she was also employed by the prison, as well as being an inmate. I spent the next several minutes running around proclaiming my innconce, as well as finding someone I could get give the letter to.

Suddenly appearing in front of me was an editi0on of the Archie comic book series. On the cover was a burger shop, and there was a gold bell on the counter for customers to ring when they needed service. That was the sort of publicility I wanted to give the shop I frequented. But then I appeared at the shop, finding a mere three custoimers patronizing the place. I learned that I had somehow given the restaurant terrible publicity instead of good publicity.

Then, I ofund myself at my aunts' house, having seemed to have woken up from the prison dream. I walked into the living room towrds the dining room, declaring i had had a very stupid dream the previous night. Just then, I proceeded toi encounter a young woman named Martina whom I know from church and university. I wondered what she was doing there. I seemed to suspect it might have to do with her tutoring me in French, which she does in real life. Martina asked me about my dream. I gave her a quick synopsis, and then I woke up.
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DM Lurker
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Re: Confessing a murder I didn't commit!

Postby endebendel » Wed Jan 14, 2009 5:44 pm

Face it, you are the murderer.
Time to examine this golden-child act you've got going. You do not even K how to speak yet!
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