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i feel that this dream means something imp.!if any1 cld help

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i feel that this dream means something imp.!if any1 cld help

Postby NiNi » Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:09 am

I dreamt that I was in school and I ditched school with 2 of my friends.my best friend and her friends boyfriend.. They were high(took weed) I didn't I was scared 2 get caught I saw the priciple's helper looking at the building(apartment)anyways a lot of things happened the imp.thing is that my boyfriend haad a fight with me and I was looking like a prostitute and he sent me a msg a long msg and I was peeing on it.and it ws a letter on the floor that got erased by my pee!I start running after the fone 2 write him a msg (cz I ws feeling so scared he'd break up with me)some guys stuck the headsetof my fone to a far small bus and guys were laughing how I'm running after it. I went inside the bus I found a fone I wrote him a letter ! The bus owner comes in he thought iwas stealing I tolg him no I'm not this is my story and I swear I just sent a msg.he believed me and wanted 2 help me. He dropped me back to the same hotel I was in(the place where I peed on the letter)so when I went down there was a lot of mothers and there daughters they we're looking at me in a way "oh look at the bad girl" but there daughters we're dressed just like me!
That's my dreamm could u please help me tell me what it means

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