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Help Interpet Dream

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Help Interpet Dream

Postby Taunted T » Wed Jan 14, 2009 8:33 am

Hello all,

I wrote about this dream before but didn't get a response if someone could help it would help a lot. My boyfriend 24yrs old moved to Bermuda from Jamaica 6yrs ago. His friend was shot and killed about two months ago. While living in Jamaica this friend had saved him from his own death on many occasions, once his grandmother (his caregiver raised him) was jailed and he attempted suicide by sliting his wrist and this friend found him wrapped his wrist and stayed with him until he felt he was safe (days) another time someone wanted to shot him and he stood in front of him and begged the people not to shot him and they agreed. Now this friend has been shot and killed and he keeps coming to him in his dreams and saying he is not dead. Can someone help me with this? Last night he was sleeping and grinding his teeth he seems to be getting depressed please help. What do you think his friend or subconous is trying to tell him.
Taunted T

Re: Help Interpet Dream

Postby RobertaLLoydJones » Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:08 am

Wow. Perhaps your boyfriend feels reponsible for what has happened. That he should have warned his friend and therefore in his mind save him. I'm sorry to say this but these new dreams are most likely related to guilt

Re: Help Interpet Dream

Postby missellie » Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:49 am

Taunton I posted a reply on your other dream but I will put it here as well
I have posted you a PM to you about your personal dream.

Your boyfriends loss of one of his friend and the dreams where his friend tells him he is not dead is mirroring your boyfriends own anxieties and worries about the death. He has not been able to come to terms with his lose yet and is going through the early stages of grieving. Subconciously he is fighting the realisation that he will not be able to see his friend again. It is not easy to come to terms with a lose expecially when it is so unexpected and tragic, it is going to take time for him to come to terms with it and accept was is happened. All I can say is be there for him, comfort him and listen to him and he will eventually come through it, I know its an old cliche but time does heal and this is what he needs. Hope this helps. just a thought Does your boyfriend worry about not being able to say goodbye to his friend before he died or that he was not able to see him, grieving can also cause over whelming feelings of guilt for what we feel we should have done and didn't, just a thought. Can I make a suggestion here, if your boyfriend can, when he has the dream again he could actually say his goodbyes to him then, it might just help to give him some closure. Ellie XXX
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