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Postby porter96 » Wed Jan 14, 2009 7:11 am

In my life ive had the same ability in all of my dreams, and im trying to find a meaning to it. In my dreams, whenever i try to go somewhere, i use my hands, and almost swim through air, using the air currents to push me forward. I can jump over and over again, even in mid-air, using my hands to gather the wind and push me further up, making my fly even higher. But sometimes when im in the air, or even while im still walking the wind disappears, and so does my ability, and then a couple minutes later and usually after a conversation with someone, it comes back. Everytime i use this jumping power, it always revolves around me somehow making my way home, and it always involves going great distances, such as many hundreds of miles. I know that dreams are a very personal experience, and it takes the knowledge of ones experience in order to interpret their meanings, but i want to know if anyone else has had similar dreams, and if they or you (obviously the one reading this) has come to an understanding about the meaning, which i can use in my own life.

Re: pushing/flying

Postby revealer » Wed Jan 14, 2009 8:34 pm

Self-doubt will kill all dreams. Here is my case, first off you stated that you where doing fine flying/pulling yourself along. When the wind disappeared, you lost faith in yourself to continue on. Believe in faith that the wind will return, i.e. god, the lord, etc. will carry you along.

Hope this helps... :dusto:
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