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New and what does my dream mean

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New and what does my dream mean

Postby msmonique » Wed Jan 14, 2009 12:08 am

Hello all...Im new here. I am still trying to figure out the meaning of my dream or at least an understanding of it. First off Im 8 months pregnant (so happy shes almost here) and of course my dreams are weird. Some are scary some are funny some sad and some involve my fiance and another woman. The dream I am asking about is the one I had the other night. I had a dream that I was laying in my bed and in the middle of me sleeping I started to go into labor. I was calling for people and no one was there to help me so I had to do it by myself. I basically delievered my baby on my own and it wasnt painful at all. After I delievered her I realized that she was talking baby talk already! I then was greeted by my fiance and family and everyone was so happy that she was finally here. Then I woke up. So I am wondering if this dream means that I think I have been pregnant long enough lol, or if it means that she will be coming early?

Thanks for any and all interpretation

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