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Wow, I need a little help with this one...

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Wow, I need a little help with this one...

Postby bigdreamer23 » Tue Jan 13, 2009 11:15 pm

Okay I had a pretty bizarre dream and I don't feel that the symbols on this sight are doing my dream much justice, so hopefully one of you guys can give me a better idea. Here goes nothing:

It's Easter and I'm looking at what to wear, I consider a gray "I love my mother with all my heart" t-shirt (really, that's what it said on it), but I decide on a blue shirt that I got the day before (in the real world). When I get to the family celebration of Easter I'm a bit late and unprepared but despite awkward glares from those in the room, my outlook is calm, cool, and collected. Earlier I went to a friend's place to slaughter and/or look at rabbits. He had 2, a male and a female that were both apparently the Easter Bunny. I went to my house afterward to find my Easter Bunny in sad condition. It was scrawny and looked sick which made me feel a bit guilty.

That is as much as I could remember and I don't remember the order of events or what caused me to awaken...any help?
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Dream Child
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