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Please interpret.

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Please interpret.

Postby EasyToRemember » Tue Jan 13, 2009 1:47 pm

I rarely have dreams that I can vividly remember, but last night I had a disturbing dream that I remember well. I was actually very worried and scared during this dream.... I am NEVER worried or scared in my dreams. Please give me your opinion on what it means.

It started out with me and my dog in bed (the bed I grew up in at my moms house)... lightning and thunder were crashing all around me, it was 10 times worse than any real thunderstorm I have ever seen. I was worried that the lightning was going to hit me. As I lay in my bed I knew that my father had installed an anti-gravity device in our house in case one of these thunderstorms ever occured. If this type of lightning struck anywhere nearby, the human heart would stop beating, and die. The purpose of the anti-gravity device was that it could detect when a major lightning strike was going to occur, and levitate any living thing off the ground just long enough to ward off the ill effects of the lightning. (i know this doesn't make sense, but stick with me here.) Twice during this dream I felt the hair on my head stand up, and at the last split second before the lightning hit, my dog and I were lifted off the bed into mid air... I could feel the sharp pain in my heart, but it wasnt enough to cause damage. Then we were slowly let back down onto the bed. The device saved me both times.

WHat the hell? Any thoughts?

Re: Please interpret.

Postby az2007 » Tue Jan 13, 2009 2:01 pm

It seems you will suddenly become aware of some 'new truth', perhaps you will learn an important lesson in life, but your strong values (possibly drilled into you by your father) will help you rise above any 'evil' or unpleasant side-effects arising from this lesson

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