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strange dream girl

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strange dream girl

Postby only_me » Tue Jan 13, 2009 12:52 pm

i have had i think at least 2 dreams
first things first.... i have never had a girlfriend befor or done anything with a girl before and i have never seen this girl in my life. but i feel i know her.

ok dream 1: i was at school but late for one of my lessons (was never late) so i was running up to the top of the schools tower block to get to my lesson. near the top i see a beautiful girl with black hair; pail skin (basically perfect in my eyes) andway im running and trip i manage to stop myself from landing on this girl. our faces are only inches away from each other and then she smiles; giggles alittle then kisses me. it felt so good and then i woke up but my lips were still moving like i was still kissing her.

dream 2: it was again at school and we had an assembally outside we were told to sit in our zodiac signs (mines libra) so i sit in mine and have a feeling so i turn around and see the mistery girl but this time its like we really know eachother. so i sit with her in her zodiac sign instead of mine. next thing i know we are running away together with two of her friends (also girls) and we are mucking about and stuff ect..... then we hear a noice we look and a massive tornadow comes down on the school and its got an erey green glow. so i grab the girls hand and we are running her two friends are also running but they get cought up my the tornadow and killed. we eventually arrive at my house and we go inside then she says something to me but i cant hear her then i wake up.

id like to know what this means............please help........thanks to all =]
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DM Lurker
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