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invisible forces

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invisible forces

Postby land of nod » Tue Jan 13, 2009 11:28 am

i dream of being asleep. an invisible force is pushing and pulling me to a seated position. everything in my room is exactly
as it is in the waking world. i am fighting to get away from this force, but it is all encompassing like a force field. i try to speak but cannot. putting more effort into it i finally am able to say "leave me alone". i can actually hear myself groan. this invisible entity does not stop pulling and pushing. it brings me to a standing position, and trying to make me go somewhere.
i am now desperate to speak. i shout "Jesus help me!" immediately my eyes open and i wake up. but i still feel the pressure ever my body. it takes a few minutes for me to be able to move and stretch and relax my muscles. i have only been asleep
for an hour.the rest of the night was non stop dreaming. although vivid, non were of this intensity . the inability to speak or move, even upon waking is a bit ....disconcerting. does anyone have an idea on this one? i have tried looking it up but have only been able to find facimile's. none really dealing with unseen forces.
land of nod

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