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Dead Mother

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Dead Mother

Postby rasydie52 » Tue Jan 13, 2009 10:42 am

It started like this: It was thanksgiving and i was in my best friends back yard. We went inside to eat and the pie blew up. :whoa: I ran outside and i was in a a store and I LOST my mom! :cry: I RAN outside and saw an orphanage and decided to go in. :? I couldn't see anything but black and my mom was dying on the floor. :crying: :heartpump: I held her and sobbed untill she dissloved. :( I slowly backed away then nothing. I really have a lot of bad dreams about losing my mom. Please help! :D
A Poem For Lovers:
Love is cruel, heartless, yet full of joy and happiness...
je souhaite pour un ami pour tenir quand je suis triste et l'├ętreinte quand je suis heureux
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