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need help interpretting

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need help interpretting

Postby harleydvdsnbabe » Tue Jan 13, 2009 9:36 am

I was laying down on a couch and my friends cobra snake (pet snake) slid up to me and bit me in the back of the head. it was stuck on my head when the scene transferred to a waiting room and my friend and i were screaming for someone to help us remove the snake. Finally someone helped us, and put the snake into a tank where it started feeding on a two headed demon with horns and legs (okay like Phil in the disney movie Hercules but then add another head on top of phils head). Then i was in a hospital bed dying where my oldest son and dad were seeing me and we tried calling my ex so he could bring my other son but he refused to bring him to say goodbye to me so my dad started driving the 3 hours to go pick him up. Then I woke up. The next night i had another dream about being bitten by a python but cant remember any other details other than being bit again.
It was not a drug induced sleep and i didnt eat anything weird before bed nor was i angry...the only thing was i was in a lot of pain from a pinched nerve.... please someone help me with this...Thanks

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