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a boat out of water, love, and confusion, HELP PLEASE!

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a boat out of water, love, and confusion, HELP PLEASE!

Postby glassiceandmirrors » Tue Jan 13, 2009 8:55 am

the dream begins with me painting a small row boat on the deck of a much larger boat, then a man i love (he has a girlfriend in real life) appears from the inside of the larger boat and starts helping me paint. then he said that we should go to his friend's house. so we left the boats via a rope ladder and began climbing a plateau covered in ice plant. we had to use the ice plant to climb up the hill because it was so steep. when we got to the top we were in someone's backyard and met 2 kids our age (17-18) and a smaller girl (3-4) they told us we could take a shortcut through their house so we went but ran into their father when we were going out the front door. so we ran away through the houses (they were very expensive multi million range) and ended up in someone's backyard (they weren't home) and stopped for a while looking at the beautiful view of a valley, then my love says look i have a compass (it was a compass ring on his middle finger)and i was so happy, i kissed the compass, but then he kissed me, and we went into the house of the people who weren't home

the end

if someone could help me interpret this i would be so happy, i found the boat and painting meanings, but im unsure of what a boat out of water indicates, as well as a boat on a boat. and im confused about kissing the compass which was on his hand....PLEASE HELP!

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