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help me understanding this dream plaese.

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help me understanding this dream plaese.

Postby Nameless sight » Tue Jan 13, 2009 8:34 am

I had this dream last night,
The Dream starts off at a lunch room and my mom, my sisters(who i cant see) and me are sitting at a table with two other men.
My moms talking with them and i listen but then my mom says something to make one of the guys mad. he says something to her and leaves the table and the
other man follows him. then my mom decide she doesn’t want to sit with us any more and goes to a another table and takes all the food. i watch her for a little awhile,
then the scene changes and I’m designing a beach just like you would do on a computer game. when I’m done, my mom is sitting on the set i made and she tells me to sit with her. i go, happy that she wants to talk with me.
as soon as i sit down my mom starts talking.
Rose died she tells me
that shocked me and for a instant i think about what will happen to her kids.
I think your dad did it.
I don’t think he would do something like that, i tell her still upset.
tell me the truth
i am telling the truth, I say her
then she looks at me with a I don’t believe you face and the dream ends.

so if you could help me under stand what is dream means, that would make me very happy ^-^
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