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Weird dream involving pregancy.

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Weird dream involving pregancy.

Postby thesanityassassin » Sat Dec 13, 2008 6:10 am

Hello All :)

The last 2 days I have had some rather odd dreams... the night before last I had a really disturbing creepy one (which I wrote about here http://dreammoods.com/dreamforum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5634 ) and last night I had another strange one.

I didn't get the chance to write it all down immediately after waking, so sadly I forgot most of it.
What I do remember though was being at school, where it was raining heavily and there was some sort of commotion, classes were being taking out into the corridors. Two of my female friends told me that they would pay me $400 to get them pregnant. I can't remember how I responded, but I recall sitting in the corridor, whilst one of them was sort of half leaning on my shoulders while she was standing, and some other friends of mine were walking past giving me strange looks.

So yeah... another weird (and sexual - like the last one) dream..

Any help on the meaning behind all of this (particularly if it had anything to do with my other dream) would be lovely.
Also, I may add, these sorts of dreams are unusual to me and have only been occurring the last few days (the school holidays giving me time for self-reflection perhaps?)

Thanks! :D
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