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Dazed and Confused!!

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Dazed and Confused!!

Postby Nizzy » Sat Dec 13, 2008 4:20 am

So I usually get a sense of what my dreams mean after a whole day of thinking, but this one just got me stumped. It was a very long dream, but there was a part where I see some type of practice field for soccer. The ball was a over sized, but soft softball. Where they were playing was narrow and very well kept grass. It was only one on one and it seemed like the ball carrier was trying to get past the defender. I was observing then sudden had the urge to urinate. So I look around for a place where no one would see me since there was no bathrooms near by. I kept looking and looking and finally got frustrated and just found sorta like a picnic area with a table and urinated on a wooden post there. My friends dad was watching making sure no one would see and when I finally started urinating I fell somehow like my legs gave out on me or I was just so exhausted or relieved that I just decided to sit down as I do the business. Anyways as I was falling down a kid come out of no where. Have no idea who the kid was, but I accidentally PEEd on this little boys shoe. And there is more too it, but I'm just stuck on what this part is supposed to mean.

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