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ocean and car transformed to pool and bicycle

PostPosted: Sat Dec 13, 2008 1:20 am
by lovetodream
2 dreams once after the other.

1. I was running on water may be it was more like skating on water and a small boat was passing by. 2 people from the boat were asking a small boy who was playing on the water to get into boat. And then a big door opens and the boy enter the boat through that door. They were his parents in that boat. Then skate to avoid the boat and then decided to dive into the water. It was a ocean and people were having in the water. I lifted up from water and started to dive in. Half way through I realized it was just a big pool and I could see the floor. Suddenly I decide that I don't want to dive and started to swim away from floor as soon as I reached the water. I guess I got little scared that may be I wont be able to breath in the water. Then I see different kinds of fishes and I was asking someone why cat fishes are here because it will bite. But instead of long wiskers it has long pointed nose that was vey sharp. Then I was by the shore and a fish was trying to get close to me and bite me.

2. Next I was in my car driving and everything was smooth. Suddenly I realized something was blocking my visibility. it was like there was no winshield. I was trying peep out to see the road and avoid other cars. Soon I wasn't sure where I was going. I put my hand up and try something. Soon the convertible top comes down. But it was like the car was shrinking in size. Still I could see anything in the front. I changed lane without knowing I was changing lane. Then I pepped out and saw that I just avoided crashing into a white car in front of me that was going slow. Just then I discoverd something was happening to my accelerator. Car was going a little fast and ended up in the right most lane. A car behind me honked and I realized I just missed that car. I was worried I could not see anything in front of me from car. Soon I went through a narrow entrance and ended in a crowded place. I was able to stop the car here and got down. I went around the car to see what was wrong and just then my dad appeared. He did not talk but was just there. It comforted me. Then I started to drive again and tried to get out of that crowded place. I tried to get out through that same narrow passage but I realized it was one way and I was in wrong direction. A man was trying to enter from opposite side just when I was about to get out. I said please let me get out and he gave me way. After I came out I realized it was a 2 seater car and the second seat has almost shrunk to nothing. Then I realized where I dad. Just then I felt my car wobbling due to heavy weight on the back. I thought my dad was trying to get in to the car. I turned around saying what are you doing. But I was surprised to see him just walking behind the car. I was wondering how is he going to keep up with my car if he walks. Just then I realized my car was being transformed in to bicycle. I looked down and saw myself pedaling and only one wheel in the front. So I get down and check the wheel there was a "short fat" nail and I take it out. Soon a "long thin" nail fall out. Felt like the wheel is not heavy anymore like car wheels. I started pedaling and it was kinda smooth.... my husband woke me up!