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A dream I can't figure out

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A dream I can't figure out

Postby JRamon2791 » Fri Dec 12, 2008 11:30 pm

hello im new to this but I don't understand this dream I keep having and it bothers me to no end

It starts out on one side of a frozen muddy field there are three german tanks and im croweded up in a tower made of wood with a bunch of other American Soldiers. the first day we (the germans and Us) will use basic rifle and machine gun fire. But on the second night I get called down from the tower to talk to my commanding officer he asks my opinion and I tell him to set an ambush. so the next day we wait until the germans cross with their three tanks and a number of men later after about ten minutes into the fighting we ( the Americans ) take out all the tanks....one german pops up and starts to shoot at me but I drop my rifle and while he's reloading I grab the M1 real quick and pop up and get him in the head....then part that desturbs me most is when I through a gernade into one of the tanks killing most inside except when I crawl onto the tank I break open the latch there is a german wounded I tell him to drop his weapon but he just raises it and I shoot him four times. Then there is another one crawling away I tell him to stop but he grabs a pistol also so I shoot him again. Then I wake up in a cold sweat Im really confused why I keep haveing this dream I did not watch, read, talk, or hear stories about world war 2 for over four months now but this has been reoccuring for over two months what does it mean?

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